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What is a common response when asked who sanitizes the office cups and dishes in most offices?

“…my cleaner does the dishes. Isn't that safe?”

The other response is a rotation system between co-workers.

Regardless of who is delegated, some other questions should be considered, such as:

Besides questioning the thoroughness or effectiveness of the dishwashing, there is another line of reasoning – COST.

Is paying a cleaner $15.00 an hour or more to wash a few cups and plates the best use of the company’s finances? Or worse yet, the cost of having an employee do it? Not to mention the cost of employees missing work as a result of illness due to improper sanitizing.

So the real questions are…

Why would you go through this cost, hassle, worry and aggravation when there is a product like the FreshCUP system?

Do you want a fresh cup to drink out of?


We invite you to try FreshCUP today.

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