Fast and efficient

You want coffee and you want it now. In short 30 second cycles, FreshCUP™ washes and sanitizes all of your office cutlery, cups and mugs – in less time than it takes to find where your coworkers have hidden the sugar, again.

High-end sanitizer

All those thousands of germs sitting happily on the edges of cups, not-so-clean teaspoons and long-forgotten sink sponges… makes your stomach turn? With FreshCUP™’’s special blend of eco-friendly detergents, you can rest assured that your cup is 100% clean, polished and ready to use.

Fits perfectly, anywhere

Thanks to smart design and meticulous engineering, FreshCUP™ fits perfectly, wherever you want to put it – small offices, kitchenettes, workshops, bars, trade show booths, lounges, beauty salons – you name it.

Premium quality and cost effective

Not only do you no longer need to buy disposables, but a single FreshCUP™ re-usable detergent cartridge cleans up to 400 mugs or, if you prefer, 1000 espresso cups.

Perfect Anywhere

Because of its size and efficiency, FreshCUP™ is perfect for any location where people drink hot and cold beverages - offices, stores, bars, workshops, institutions, hotels, beauty salons, restaurants , trade show booths, etc.


Everyday we throw hundreds of millions of tons of plastic into the ocean, drowning ourselves in non-perishable waste. With FreshCUP™, you need only buy a single stylish office coffee mug and then wash it as often as you like, skipping the plastic altogether.

A whole new level of clean
Eco-friendly yet intensive

FreshCUP™’s patented BIOCLEANSER detergent, is our own secret recipe for fast, deep cleansing.

A lifetime of research has yielded a unique blend of eco-friendly, micro cleaning agents that wash, sanitize and polish – all at the same time.


  • Destroys bacteria and germs while cleaning and shining
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% Biodegradeable
  • Recyclable cartridges
  • Economical – washes 400 mugs or 1000 espresso cups per cartridge
  • Approved by Health Authorities around the globe
  • Stringent quality control
“The FreshCUP™ 1.2 BIOCLEANSER has total sanitizing power both on the long and short cycles and is effective against all micro-organisms on the above list as well as a long list of additional micro-organisms tested abroad.”

Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D
Ralph Meer, Ph.D
Carlos E. Enriquez, Ph.D
University of Arizona

safety first


  • Certified ISO 9002
  • TUV (Germany) compliance to IEC 335-2-58, IEC 335-1
  • UL (USA and Canada) approved – Standards Institute (Israel) approved
  • Independent Testing Laboratory (Hermon Labs.) compliance to: EMC 89/336/EEG, LVD 73/22/EEG, EMC/EN 55022, EN 55014, EN 50082-1(IEC 801-2, ENV 50140, IEC 801-4, IEC 801-5)
  • International Patents


  • UL approved
  • Independent Testing Laboratory (Hermon Labs.) compliance to 73/23/EEC, EN 60335-1,2-35, Electromagnetic compatibility EMC89/336/EEC, EN 55014, EN 61000-3-2


  • University of Arizona, Microbiology Dept. germ and bacteria eradication testing
  • Ministry of Health (Israel) ISO 9002 compliance
  • Independent Testing Laboratory (Bioscience Technology Laboratories) in-vitro testing
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology trace testing
  • Ministry of the Environment (Israel), “Green Label” authorization
  • 100% Biodegradable certification
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